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Rider Profile - Pierre Chew

Pierre with his co-pilot Chloe
Pierre helping out as marker on Sunday ride
Rider Profile- Q&A
* Tell me about yourself
My name is Pierre Chew, I’m a Engineer working in ST Kinetics. I’m happily married with a lovely daughter, Chloe.
* How did you started cycling
Before I actually starts cycling, my main passion is in diving, I am a PADI diving instructors for many years however because of new family member, Chloe, my daughter, it become very difficult to continue to take 2.5days off per week (Fri night, Sat and Sun) for diving and leaving my wife and kid at home. For that reason I started to switch to cycling at end of 2011. At the beginning my ride is only confined to ECP to CV via PCN mainly with my colleague on Saturday morning and that is about it. 
* Why do you like cycling?
Main reason for Cycling for me it requires less time, it allows me to better manages my time during weekend between riding and family bonding.  Most surprising factor for me is that cycling really slim me down while for diving you will get fatter. Trust me,Kekeke.
The technical sides about bicycle technology also interest me a lot maybe due to my occupation as a engineer. I like to mingle with my bike by changing the components on my own to see the different in the performance and the reliability that can be yield from a old bike. Because of this attribute I get poison easily to buy new bike components for experiments.
Family bonding is also another reason I like about cycling, see for diving, the youngest age to start is about 10yr old. Since my daughter is only two years old it will be impossible to do diving together now, but for cycling this is not a problem, so my family can actually ride together in the park and have precious moments together.
I think I have also makes more new friends from various backgrounds since joining LCSG.

 *When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
I remember my first outing with LCSG is the visits to the Sembawang hot spring last year, June 2012. I came for the event alone and worry that I will be left out since I do not know any of the members of LCSG, so I put on my “HELLO” T-shirt so as to break ice with people I met. However there is no need to do that as I was fascinated with friendliness and the welcome feeling from the crazy group. Everyone was so inviting and offered to let me test ride their bike and get poison!!
* Your steel horses- names and more details.
My 1st Foldie: 
A red Dahon Vittesse D7 bought in late 2010 however it was kind of white elephant as I didn’t ride regularly until late 2011. After a few rides I know that this bike is just not good enough and the “zhning” starts in Feb 2012 and this process never ends till today, I am still “zhning” to get different riding experiences. This bike shall always be my experimental bike!
My 2nd and 3rd Foldie:
Both Brompton one is M6R with child seat and the other is S2LX, main reason of getting these bike was the compact folding feature which allows me to put them inside my car boot easily and travel to different parks and cycle with my family. Sometime these bike also use for short bicycle touring trip like in Desaru.   
My 4th Bike:
Bike Friday, NWT, this is another bike that I like because of the solid  construction and good for variable speed drive train option. Of course I have already started to change the stock component so that it rolls better.
5th Bike?
Unofficially I have another bike, a single speed CarryMe, but this bike is mainly for my dad use because of its light weight and small fold footprint.

* Your favorite cycling kakis
I have met many people and make many friends in LCSG, but the best chemistry group of friend would be Wan Tiger, Jasper Ong, Stanely Lim, Darrell, Derrick Yeow ,Gracie Koh and of course my wife, Jane Neo Jinxia, we get closer because of Desaru trip in March 2013.
* Your favorite cycling route and LCSG ride
I actually enjoyed almost every route on Sunday, maybe the most interesting and favorite one are the farm visit at the Neo Tew area. Visiting the Veggie Bollywood, Hayes Goat Farm, Bull Frog farm etc.

* Your role at LCSG
I’m just a ordinally member in LCSG, however maybe it is my diving habit that make me particularly worried about proper first aid coverage, I always found myself hopping to help any members when they fells down from riding, and giving them the first aid treatment to my best ability.
I think I have also tends to stop by a lot of the time to volunteer help in mechanical fault happened on the bicycle. This is because I believe that bike repair skill can only be improve if u keep practicing, hence servicing the others bike given me opportunity to learn and practice. 

Sometime I will also try to help out in whatever I can during the rides; be it safety, sweep, or just being an entertainer to all. Hmmm… ohh yes and to poison others members with new bike components or even bikes. Kekeke…..

* Tips to share with fellow riders
Q: Don’t know who’s who in the ride? 
A: First just login to FB and read the post from active member’s posting most likely these are the people you will meet first during the Sunday ride
Q: Don’t know a lot about bicycle stuff? 
A: IMHO, I think u can look for Steve in the LCSG, I think he will give you an unbiased answers. Other members may poison you further. KeKeKe. If not, you can join bike workshop to learn more about bike.
Q: Worry about riding on the public road?
A: Don’t worry, LCSG has route that mainly confine in PCN, even if there is a need to ride on the road there will lovely people in LCSG, we called them angels to help out in looking out for traffics when riding on the public road. This is the best time to train and practice public road riding skill.
Q: Don’t know if you’re fit enough to keep up with the rest?
A: No worries there is always a sweeper in every ride, no one left behind. Fitness will slowly improve and soon you will be fit and maybe lose weight due to healthy lifestyle.
Q: Don’t know if you feel you can mix in with the crowd in LCSG?
A: It’s okie. Like everyone else, I felt the same way at first too. Just join in the kopi chat during makan session and you are already mixing in to the crowd.
* Other things to share
Q: How to get people know you faster in LCSG?
A: Post a pic u took during a ride event in to LCSG FB or post food photo like what Steven Tang has done.
Q: What should I really bring during a ride?
A: This is very subjective, but my opinion will be a spare tube for your bike’s tyre size, glove, helmet, wet tissue and a simple first aid kit. 

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