Friday, June 14, 2013

Mobile Bicycle Repairman @ Seng Kang

Not quite your stylo hi tech thingy but this generated lots of "148 likes" and comments in Lovecyclingsg Facebook. Reading the comments, like this one....
"Feel so heart warm to know there are still such people doing tat nowadays, it shd be his passion too  n my dad told me before tat when he was young in kampong, he used to cycle quite a distance all the way to a uncle tat fix bike n install the lastest blink blink lights on their bicycle n all children feel so interested n happy when they saw the uncle n their new gadgets mount, but he told me tat uncle work day to night non stop from early thirties to sixties till he got hunched back n fell sick. This pic let me think of the friendly n hardworking bicycle man whom my dad told me. I shall show this pic to my dad tomorrow  Thanks for posting this pic Simon Teo!
Joean Zeng"
There seems to be a longing of simpler things in life. This gentleman around Seng Kang just peddles his repair skill and some utility stuff like tubes, and tyres. Fixes the problems for the kids and other folks.  No fuss no markup.  Way to go uncle!

Doing his thing...   Photo Credit Simon Teo  

bringing joy to heartlanders   -- Photo Credit Simon Teo

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