Sunday, June 9, 2013

LCSG @ Trifactor 2013

In case u are looking for more photos on Trifactor 2013 , here it is.. 
LCSG family @ Trifactor 2013
We were honored to be given 2 slots for the inter cycling club race at Tri-factor 2013. Ro and Tiger Tang were selected and today we saw them in action.
Missy Sunshine Ro spinning away with mega watt smile
Tiger Tang with his Red Single gear Schwinn... powering to finishing line
Ok, I lied. So we hid at Changi village for a while and after the big downpour we went and cheered for our 2 friends.  It was a 80km ride and all the rest of the riders were in roadies and carbon what nots. Except our 2. Ro was in a Pacific reach SL while Tiger Tang in a Schwinn Single speed. Red for 5km/hr advantage haha.
LCSG cheering team
I was impressed with their performance as they kept on going under pretty scary conditions. I saw tenacity from Tiger. How he skidded and fell in front of us. Got up immediately and jump on, cranking furiously. Thats awesome. Steven, you have taught him well!
skidded... you could hear Steven heart miss a beat!
no fuss, no whimming... just saddle up and carry on. That's tenacity! 
uncle K.C at the prime spot to see the action
We were at the turnoff and witness several crashes. Many due to the slippery road conditions, some due to the un-even handling skill of the riders. And some are just tired and confused. One was particularly memorable as he crashed head on to the barrier, taking down a marshaller with him. 
Spectacular crash, taking out the marshaller 
Eugene was the first to run up and render assistance. While George acted to divert traffic
Also cool was to see many riders taking up the challenge. From Kids, normal folks and even hand bikes.  
Kids ready to roll 
one of my fav... "santa" 
Hand cycling champ!
Handcyclist with their front lead and safety. 
was talking to Diane... hmmm maybe it is time for Momo to do this!

Overall I really think it was awesome to see so many folks out and having a ball. We had great fun cheering for LCSG riders and also for others. If I may add just one suggestion to make it safer. It is to have a wider turns. Perhaps this would make it less hazardous to the riders.
I can't wait for Tri-factor 2014!  Thanks again to Trifactor for the sponsor!


  1. just wondering if you have any pictures of me, my bid number is 0805. riding a kuota kharma bike, wearing red and black jersey with black helmet. if you do please tag me in facebook. my fb acc is mygravityriders

    thank you in advance

  2. awesome write up by the way. i didnt notice any crashes, and was surprise. important to ride safe :)

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