Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rider Profile - Francis Tang Yee Fun

Francis with his trust BF pocket Rocket

"Until now I still can’t believe my fitness has gone up so much since one year ago before I started bike commuting. I think the best choice I have ever did was to sell away my motorcycle then, because it kept giving me the urge to just ride my motor.
Took me more than an hour at first to ride 20km to work and almost 2 hours back due to peak hour. But it has since gone down to 45mins to and 50min back, half an hour faster than mrt and only 15 mins slower than motor. I have since rode 8000km commuting in one year. Best is I no longer need to go gym. Hence I had more time with my family. More advantage include:
1.When I go to town, I no longer worried of where to park or jam.
2. Feel a big sense of achievement after every commute, especially if I need to go very far like woodland.
3. I have gone pass most of the roads in Singapore, seeing many things I’ve never see before iny life
4. No problem with rain anymore. Whether it’s sweat or rain water, I still need to change anyway what.
5. I sweat lesser as time goes by, now I just need to wipe down using a wet sports towel after commute.
6. My confidence level goes up believing anything is possible
7. Traffic jam, increase petrol prices, coe, erp, road tax and mrt break down is a history to me.
8. I really feel very happy everyday after the commute. The occasional impatient drivers doesn’t bother me anymore.
9. I have gone to a lot more places in Singapore than I’ve ever been and…
10. Everytime a part of my bicycle broke down, I was very happy to replace it with a better component using the money save from petrol, erp, coe, road tax… Etc.
This is only my thought after one year of bike commuting. I know most people find it dangerous, and it’s definitely true. Just want to share, not trying to convince you to try." Francis 

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