Thursday, September 20, 2012

Calvin of Joyriders saying it as it is.

This was what Calvin posted on Dr Faisal Facebook after the parliment hearing...

"Dear Dr Faishal,
Whatever happened to keeping an open mind? It blows my mind that you've drawn swift conclusions and closed certain gates on all of us even before any dialogue has started. Worse still, your published statements only serve to reinforce the sense of entitlement among motorists - you have effectively given them the license to kill.

Please allow me to be very frank here. Freddy died a horrific death, and so did Jude, lest you forget. All this talk of road sharing is bull when there is no one to protect our backs. Yes, they were hit from the back, no amount of safety consciousness on their part as cyclists could have stopped their deaths. Yet you chose to not address the very issue that caused all this to start. So soon after Freddy's death and you have forgotten already? And to inflict more injury to the wounded, you talk about penalizing cyclists instead of deterrent measures to prevent more unnecessary deaths.

Would you put yourself on 2-wheels and ride the roads? If you think our roads are safe enough, would you try riding to work for a week? I'll keep you company, just you, me and the friendly peak hour traffic, no one else.

How can we, the cyclists, help to keep you focused? $43m to build market connectors is a lot of money. How much is that per kilometer? Will you spare a fraction of that to paint for us our "false sense of security"? I can tell you, when a 12tonne bus cuts you off abruptly or a 18tonne crane is bearing down on you, any sense of security is better than none. On that note, I extend the ride-to-work invitation to Minister Lui too. I can provide the bicycles if you don't have any. And if you need glasses to help you focus on the most critical issues, I have the resources to help you too. I hope to hear from you!

Calvin, Joyriders Singapore"

And no, both Calvin nor myself have been asked to engage in dialogue as he said he would. Yet.

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