Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rider Profile Keng Yong

Keng Yong in a good mood!
Smiling even when he has a puncture
Aero mode with the Brompton
Throw ball at camera man during LCSG Treasure hunt..haha

•Tell me about yourself
Hi everyone,My name is Keng Yong.  I work in IT operations but talking about my work will probably bore you to bits. I stayed in the east side of Singapore most of my life until I moved to Punggol in 2008. My block overlooks a popular gathering place for cyclists – Popeyes so if you need a weather outlook, just send me a PM in Facebook and I’ll try to respond to you if I’m home.

•How did you started cycling?
I learnt cycling when I was in P6 from my cousins, and remembered the 3 of us riding around their block in Bedok South on just 1 BMX. My elder cousin paddling, me on thetoptube and younger cousin standing on the sides of the rear wheel hub. It was not until Sec 1 that I got my own bike from ang pow money. The first day that I rode to school, someoneprobably tried to steal it and had instant karmic retribution. I remembered that I saw blood all over the lock cable and the rubber housing had cut marks after school. The thief must have snipped his own fingers while trying to cut the chain. After that I found a safer spot to park in school. I stopped cycling after secondary school, and it was not until early 2000s that I got another bike. It was mostly a white elephant at home though. I only started riding again more often in 2010 when I got a foldable bike and now I’m doing it more and more.

•Why do you like cycling?
I like the feel of the wind against the face, skin and hair. It conveys a sense of freedom and has a relaxing effect, especially after a bad day. One can also take in the sights, sounds and smells while in the open.

•When u met LCSG - how was it like and how u meet us
It was late 2011 (I think it was Christmas eve). I woke up early and decided to look in LCSG facebook group (just joined), and lo and behold, there was a ride and meeting place was at Popeyes. I looked out the window and saw that the group was starting to gather so Idecided to ride over to introduce myself. Although I didn’t join in that morning with LCSG, I met Taiwoon, Mary, David Ng and even a secondary school friend, Kelvin Lau! It’s quite a delight to meet people that you haven’t seen for a long time in chance meetings like this and find out that you share a common interest. Just the other day, I met Gracie Koh at the void deck of my block on the way to a ride. We’ve seen each other during Sunday rides but didn’t realize that we live in the same block!

Time flies, and it was not until end of May 2012 that I started joining LCSG Sundayrides. My only regret was not to have done so earlier. If you are like me thinking that thereare no kakis to go with on LCSG rides, my advice is just dive in. Say hi to someone and you have a new kaki.

•Your steel horses- names and more details.
1st Bike: Black bmx (grew old and rusty; thrown away)
2nd Bike: Kona Kula (sold)
3rd Bike: KHS F-20R. Super nice ride, a bit on the heavy side and can’t fold well; soldit when I got my Tikit.
4th Bike: Orange Bike Friday Express Tikit. Riding it always puts a smile on my face.
5th Bike: Cobalt blue Brompton M6R. I use this to commute to work but not often enough.
6th Bike: Yellow Carryme. It is fun. I test rode at least 10 rounds in the carpark at thebikeshop and didn’t want to get off.

Technically I ONLY have 3 bikes now…

•Other things to share.. Life motto etc
I think cycling is not just for recreation but also it is a viable form of transport in our small island. I think pedestrians, cyclists and road users must have respect for each other to share the PCNs, pathways and roads.

•Who else to feature/arrow for rider profile?
 How come I don’t see profiles of regulars like Uncle KC, Encik George? (TW: actually have.. check out Rider profile page)

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