Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cycling Accidents in Singapore 2012 to 2014

I hate doing this... but we have to start somewhere... Documenting the cycling accidents so that we can have more information ready and to help share the danger areas with fellow cyclist. Pls help provide me with information using this template. Click on the cases to read more in detail.

Person/Name/Age,  Location , Date, Time, Vehicle type involved / Injuries/Death  

Jan 2012

Mr. Yip Kim Kong, 65, at corner of Riverside Rd & Admiralty Rd, Jan 2012 9:30am, hit by lorry, died (he was riding across the pedestrian crossing while ferrying 2 granddaughters, who ended up injured)

Feb 2012

Mr Kenneth Daniel Tan, location unknown. 3 lane carriage way. Injured

March 2012

April 2012

57 y/o man, at Lower Delta Rd (towards Bukit Merah), 4 April 2012 9:30pm, hit by car, died

May 2012

Mr Jude, 25, at Coastal Road, 26th May 2012, 0930am , Hit by a lorry from the rear (Lamp post 157)  - Died of injuries

30 year old man, Senoko South Road, 29th May 2012, Hit by Van Dead - Another cyclist seriously injured

June 2012

July 2012

Aug 2012

Cyclist, age unknown, at Jurong Central Rd, 16 Aug 2012 night time, accident involving a car
Boy Cyclist, 13, at Jurong East Ave, Wed 15 Aug 2012, 3.45pm, Hit by a Car

Freddy Khoo Tri cyclist at Loyang Road, 18th August 2012 , Hit by Lorry - Died of injuries

Cyclist, age unknown, at Serangoon Rd, 23 Aug 2012 morning, Hit by car, injured

Sept 2012

Schoolboy, 11, Balam/Circuit Road, 20th Sept 2012 3.45pm , Hit by a Lorry

Oct 2012

Nov 2012

Dec 2012

23rd Dec - The accident happened at the junction of Lorong Marzuki and Sims Avenue East in the direction of Bedok, near Kembangan MRT station at about 7:20am. 

Jan 2013 

28th Jan 2013 2 schoolboys killed by Cement truck @ Tampines. 50 m from School 

Feb  2013 

19th Feb 2013 Cyclist dies at Tuas junction - "Police received a call today (Feb 19) at about 7.56am, requesting for assistance along Tuas slip road into Jurong Pier Road near lampost 64."

March 2013 - NIL 

April  2013 

9th April  2013 - Malay Female rider hit from the rear at Mandai road around 9pm. Suffered Spinal injuries and Blood clot in the brain.  Driver ran  off but have been arrested on Drunk driving.

May 2013 

3rd May  2013 - 12.10am (Midnite)
Construction worker Chen Gan Rong, 46, had been riding his bicycle from International Road towards Pioneer Road when he was hit by the SBS bus at the intersection with Jalan Boon Lay. Mr Chen went flying and his body landed 20 metres away. Strewn near Mr Chen's body was his mobile phone, slippers and bicycle chain.
The deceased's colleagues, boss and younger brother -- a total of 10 people, rushed to the scene. Wanbao reporters at the scene saw that the right side of the bus' front windshield had been smashed, and there were five scratches on the side of the bus, believed to have been caused by a car accident.

4th May 2013 - Mid night 
Malaysian Tan Kian Eang, 45, was not so lucky early yesterday morning, as his bicycle was involved in a collision with an SBS Transit bus at the junction of Jalan Boon Lay and International Road.

4th May 2013 - Cyclist accident at Coastal road.  More on Straits Time 
10.30 am. 29 year old Briton cycling and rammed onto a Stationary Lorry. 

18th Sept 2013 - National Cyclist - Dinah Chan collided with oncoming car at East Coast park Service road. In hospital and in stable condition

30th Oct 2013
Cyclists hit by a car at Bukit Merah town centre while trying to drive toward multi story carpark

22nd Feb 2014 - Hit and run case at Lornie Road. Culprit is found!

23rd Feb 2014 Roadie sideswiped by Trailer at Jalan Buroh

25th Feb 2014  Hit and Run case at Loyang. Rider in Critical stag

16th March 2014  Cyclist aged 44 dies after being hit by a lorry at Paya lebar road 

23rd June 2014  Primer mover kills man on bicycle 

14th July 2014 - Road biker involved in road accident dies. Location is at Seletar reservoir / Mandai road junction.  Confirmed by George Lim but not reported on local newpaper. 

24th May 2014 - 35 year old indian Cyclist, believed to be a ship yard worker who was on his work.  Dies in an accident with a lorry around 7am. More details here 

18th July 2014 - Malay man age 60 on his way to break fast, gets run over by truck at middle road/victoria road. 

13th Oct 2014 - 17 year old tri athlete hit by lorry at Woodlands Ave 12. Compression fractures and in 7 veterbrae and fractured hip bone. Dad looking for witness in the accidents 


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