Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ornaments for bicycles?

Jaguar of old... 
Cars have always been a symbol of prestige for many and the ornament on the hood is of particular importance. Check out the Logo evolution of the Jaguar brand which as a designer I appreciate for keeping the DNA relatively consistent.
Why you may ask, is a car brand being placed and discussed about in a bicycle blog? Well, I was just wondering if status could be "conferred" by a Logo, animal.. how would that work on a bicycle. Not from a performance enhancing point of view but a statement of why we ride...
A quick google search and this was what I found. Pretty cool and friendly. In contrast to the macho-lismo types we see on cars.  Check out this awesome work by Mawenn Castellan
Photo credits - Mocoloco 

Photo credits - Mocoloco
hmmm perhaps this is an area where design can help make a nice statement about why cycling is inherently different from say driving.... What would be a symbol for u to put on the bicycle?

Tomorrow Yellow BF nameplate
Steven Tang customised nameplate... which he lives by.. I like this best 
Handmade by 4 autistic children and their mums.... want to get it? .. contact Esther Lim  

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