Sunday, September 16, 2012

LCSG Servicing workshop 16th Sept 2012

It is by doing and getting ur hands dirty that u will remember the skill and empathize!
As Lovecyclingsg grows in size, we get lots of questions how to fix this and that. Some were totally cluelessly about maintaining their bicycle. Highest on the list was fixing a flat.
So in the spirit of "teach a man to fish, he can catch fish, then catch fish for him/her", the LGSG team went about the bicycle servicing worshop. Led ably by Louis Lee and Hardy, the workshop went like clockwork. First was run-down and explanation of the bicycle components, followed then by a youtube  presentation on how to change tubes. Hardy and George Lim then showed slowly the full process, what to do and look out for.
Connecting the dots... Louis was trying to share..  

Hardy, smooth operator ... makes it look so easy!
Encik showing Lisa how to change a flat
The fun part then started.  Brompton dept was manned by Alvin wong and Khairul, while the Dahons/Terns/Tikits and MTB was managed by Hardy, Steve Tan, Louis with the help of many folks like Stanley, Darren, Uncle KC, Tomorrow, Vince.  While we sweated, cursed and found that it was not as easy as it looked. I am pretty sure that the hands on approach allowed all to put this information permanently into our heads.  Here are the photos from today and many many thanks to George Kee, Louis Lee, Hardy and many other who made this happen for all!
More photos here for u download:) 
Vince helping a fellow cyclist on the correct way of fixing a tube
KengHo helping Bless and showing how it is done.. Bless on the other hand.. is about done
Yayyyhhh We did it! Not too difficult right? 

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