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Rider Profile - Ivan Ng

Ivan(nearer to you) with Okky on a Kopi run   Photo credit by Diane

Regulars on Ivan's Sat Breakfast club ride - Photo Credit by Diane
Chill and chat with cycle friends - Photo credit Diane
* Tell me about yourself
After six years of working in the financial industry, it became so mundane and too much of a money chase that I decided to change my perspective and career to - teaching!!! This is something which I did not foresee myself doing. I just cannot imagine myself teaching 40 kids and managing them.

But now I do realise I'm more happy at work, teaching and interacting with my students. Work is now more meaningful.

* Why do you like cycling?

Cycling has always been a part of my life. After watching E. T., it had to be that BMX. So the journey of training wheels and many falls started and I was stoke when I got my first BMX!!! Because I grew up in a shop house, there were the back lanes and alleys for my friends, brothers and myself to "chiong" without worries of any cars, albeit the occasional barking dogs. From BMX, slowly I went on to cycling MTB to show the machoness during my teens so as to attract the girls *grin*

I couldn't explain why I stopped during my adulthood but the itch came back when I saw my colleague's Dahon. I was attracted to the small wheels and the folding. It's just so different from the roadies and more interesting. I bought my first 20" foldie from MBS which was the AEON brand. But the real poisoning came when I went to Lifecycle to buy my helmet. The new Tern really caught my eye and I immediately went back to post my sales ad for the AEON on Togoparts and bought the Tern Link P9 the next day. Now the speed demon in me really started to show, muahahahaha.

The first time I caught a glimpse of LCSG was when I was researching about folding bikes. Then I saw my primary school friend's name in the members' list, Jasmine Foo!!! So we arranged to meet and the first ride was that to FOrt Canning for the LCSG showcase. That was also the day when I made new friends like Francis and Taiwoon.

Now, the "Saturday Breakfast Club". It all started when I met up with Bless for a ride one night. I posted on LCSG's fb page and she responded. During our pitstop at Mr. Prata, it gave me an idea to do a Coffee Ride when I realise there are like-minded people who in LCSG who love a good cup of joe. So after two coffee rides and the coffee appreciation ride to Yahava, a few of us started to meet regularly to ride on Saturdays to find good breakfast and coffee. They are Bless, Diane, Ro, Okky, David Christine and myself. It just happened during one of our rides that we coined ourselves the "Saturday Breakfast Club". I would research on new joints and the route. Ro and Diane will be our official photographers. Okky big bro will sometimes buy us the coffee. The rest will provide the entertain during the rides. Hahahaha.

My breakfast khakis know that I can be abit fast when I ride but they also know that I will never leave anyone behind. I will always be at the next traffic light or bus stop waiting for them.

Basically, I love cycling because besides me getting my workout, I get to spend quality time with my friends. I want to say something, that is I have definitely made some really good friends because of cycling.

* Your steel horses- names and more details.

1st bike – AEON 20". Well, it's my first foldie and it served it's purpose as my market bike. (Sold)

2nd bike – Tern Link P9. This is my first foray into bikes above the $1k mark. This is a good all-purpose bike that can go fast. I love how Tern has improved on the old Dahon design and made their bikes better. (Sold)

3rd bike - Bike Friday Express Tikit. When Bike Friday had their anniversary promotion on the premium colours, I quickly gave Simon from Lifecycle a call!!! Once I rode on the tikie and I knew that's the one. I chose my color combi and now people always smile when they see my canary yellow "Batmobile".

4th bike – Raw Brompton M6R. Before the hype of the NParks saga, I tried Bless's brompton and I got hook by it's compactness. But the priority was to get a sturdy bike for my wife to ride with my dog. And when my colleague told me she is going to Hong Kong, that nailed my decision to get it (saved $1k!!)

5th bike – Tyrell CSI with SRAM Force groupset. The tikit can go fast but It's really tiring when I try to chase the roadies (they are my targets to push my limits) 16" really has it's limits. Then I ask Encik Lim for advice and he suggested the Tyrell for it's lightness (sub 8kg). When I first rode the bike, I could not wipe that big white smile off my face. My training partner Ro, also notice and she made the comment "Ivan, you are flying now."

*Your favorite cycling kakis

Definitely my colleague and neighbour, David, who introduce me back to cycling. We had really good time before I got to know LCSG. 

Ro - My training partner. She is a long distance runner and with her always behind me, it really pushes me to go further and faster.

Last but not least, my "Saturday Breakfast Club" members!!!!! Bless, Diane, Ro, David, Okky & Christine. I always look forward to every time we meet.

* Your favourite cycling route and LCSG ride

Definitely the rides that link up all the nice indie coffee joints and makan places.

I did not join much LCSG ride as Sunday is my mainly my family day but the best would definitely be the Fort Canning ride which I met my new "family".

* Your role at LCSG
To be a responsible cyclist and to help when needed.

* Tips to share with fellow riders
Ride hard and Ride safe

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Sze Sze (Sze Disappeared) and Chiu Ling.

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