Monday, September 24, 2012

Rider Profile - Ong Sze Sze

Sze Sze( in Ninja black) with her cycling kakis 

* Tell me about yourself
Hi all~
So by day I'm a digital creative and any time outside of work I'm a daydreamer, art-tinkerer ( and a misadventure magnet. The best ones to date would include getting stuck in the desert overnight, flying off a sled ( and falling into drains. I find these misadventures hilarious and they put my life in perspective. However that does make me very paranoid about cycling on the roads and riding in groups. I would hate causing serious accidents and dragging everyone down. 

* How did you start cycling?
My mom believes that cycling is a must-have skill as she does her grocery shopping on her bike. So when I was 9, she borrowed a bicycle that was two sizes smaller for me to practice on. Since it was so small, I didn't worry about falling over but I did get a lot of bruises on my knee from hitting the handlebar all the time. It was fun and soon I graduated to using her market bike.

* Why do you like cycling?
Cycling gets me further than running does. I started with running and extended the distances and areas that I would run just to see things. Indeed cycling got me much further, lost in all sorts of places. One time I was trapped on a narrow footpath right next to a highway. It was so narrow I couldn't turn my bike around. Weirds things I do too much. And frankly I push & carry my bike 30% of the time that I ride solo.

One day I met Ivan, Diane, Ro & Okky at Lifecycle when I was there to get fenders for my bike. They were! kind enough to invite me to join them on their Saturday rides (on the road - next to cars). WOOT thrill level heightened. It's good road discipline training for me plus I have to constantly keep a mental note to stay out of accidents. I would say they had a few heart stopping moments with me. (Aye sorry abt that.)

* When u met LCSG - how was it like and how did you meet us?
Chelsea encouraged me to join LCSG! It was a ride up to some talk and appreciation session. It was interesting to see so many people in cycling jerseys. I remembered seeing Ro on her Carryme and her white Bern helmet. Very cool! 

* Your steel horses- names and more details.
1st bike : Magna Excitor MTB
It was one of those cheap brands from Target that I purchased in Colorado when I relocated there. I had plenty of goofy adventures with it, plus a big scar for souvenir. 

2nd bike :Tern Link C7. 
It's a beginners bike and prolly too heavy to carry around for alot of people. Other seasoned cyclists have laughed at my slow bike but I think it's a user problem ;) It's super comfortable & sturdy - and I've done mini dualthon and mini bike race on it. Not uber fast but it does its job well. So don't try to poison me, I don't need a new bike to race with. I just need to train my legs more!

*Your favorite cycling kakis
It's actually my parents. Sometimes I get too engrossed in my own life and forget to ask about theirs. Riding with them makes me treasure the fact that I have my parents well and alive. Of course, next would be the Sat coffee riders.

* Your favourite cycling route and LCSG ride
Anything PCN. 

* Your role at LCSG
! Random rider. 

* Tips to share with fellow riders
Don't ride like me! LOL

* Who would u like to see being featured in Smallwheelbigsmile? Arrow someone to be featured...
Chelsea? Okky? Bless arrowed Okky but I have not seen his article!! 

Ok that's all. Thanks Taiwoon!

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