Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Encik Israwi ! - Rider intro

Israwi @ Changi village with his handmade cargo bike!
Cycling allows me to meet many wonderful friends. Like Encik Israwi. Very soft spoken but fast becoming a regular on lovecycling. We met first at Encik George Lim relaxing ride. He told me he hadn't rode for quite a long time. Almost 10 years. That day, his ass hurt but sometime lit up inside him. 
This is what he wrote on his facebook..."I was discharged from the army in 1985, i worked at most of the Singapore Island commuting with ease as i need to wake up early in the morning. And i have being doing so for 13 years until i was retrenched. 
Then i decided to restart my working life on mainland. As i am only primary 6 qualified, i have to do two jobs to get myself even with 3 childrens schooling. From there onwards i decided to start cycling to work. It saves me the money where as a parent, i rather have my transport money for my children(s) although its not much and its worth the sacrifice. I am 48 now and still cycling to work for 12+ years. Once in a while, I will need to take the public transport over some circumstances. Then I joined the Love Cycling SG group, whom are people of high hopes and moral. They are a caring group which motivates people to appreciate what we already have in Singapore, past and present. Two months in the group and we are like close friends sharing anything about cycling in Singapore. They want something different other than cycling itself such as the lifestyle and the heritage of Singaporeans. It is for the people who love cycling and the mindset of others.
I hope with this and more, there will be changes in commuting people in Singapore.(P.S. this english and grammar was corrected by my 16yrs old son.)"
And if this is not moving enough. Israwi hand made a detachable Cargo bike- inspired from CETMA and Bullit. That is bloody impressive! We all got to see the work in progress last sunday and had lots of laugh. Man... does he have talent or what? 
Welcome Israwi and very honoured to meet you. I hope to see u more on Sunday and Lovecyclingsg rides! Rock on man!
it really rides, well! 

rolling rolling

folks looking at Israwi welding skills... it is good!

Yes, this is a scaldfolding clamp. Used to hold the bike together! Creative!


  1. Im proud to see Enchik Israwi among our cyclists! I must also say "Brudder, lu punya bisikal manyak boleh la!"...

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  2. wah.. bro Al.. so fast! haha.. yah I am also very proud of him. And ur recent ride make me very gian to go Perth!haha

  3. WOW! Superfantastic. This is a wonderful way to have what you want--make it yourself! I love it. Well done.

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