Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dummy first day 14th Nov 2011

A short text message by Lynten on Sat evening... "Surprise for your girl coming in on Monday, can u make it after 4 pm?" Sure, absolutely! It followed with a flurry of FB messages and the notice of a free kopi.... George, Roland, Uncle KC, Steven Tang, Boon Yeo and Chris Wee came and witness the arrival of Surly Dummy.
Giving me support and La the kopi tiam...
Surgeon Henry and Lynten installing mud guards....boy was it useful!
Lynten makes it look so easy
Dummy is born..with all the proud daddies!
The expert hands of Lynten and Henry make the installation look simple. I opted to put on the mud guards(super lucky, later u know)  and like a expectant father....pacing here and there..... so kan cheong. haha...  While Dummy was being built... we looked at the cool bike parts and molested the bikes....wahhhh  Sure enough...if u stay long enough...  we bought stuff. Steven and Roland got the retro Torpedo lights, and Flecsher stand. George got a 451 Primo tyres as his rear wheel is squared off. Boon got a very nice rack. Only 2 survived the posion - Chris and KC...
Around 5 pm, Lytnen rolled the bike to the front of the shop to let me try... and the same time the heavens boomed... and started to drizzle slightly... Took it for a spin around the park and it felt great! Stiff and well mannered. More like a MTB with a rear rack. It is funny cuz it looks so bulky but for some reason, the bike handles very well. Anyway, the heavens decided to make it more drama and challenging for me by upping the rain levels and lighting... Ok man, bring it on... let's go. I got mud guards..and a free trash bag by Henry. :)
Raining..use trash bag.. sure water proof!
Close up of the superior trash bag... :) 
The group split off their own ways and I rolled towards Punggol. Mountbatten -Old east coast road - Still road- PIE junction- Hougang- Punggol. As I rode on the rainy and wet roads with Dummy. I was smiling from ear to ear. Oblivious to all my troubles and frustration. Ahh so shiok.... Waiting at the junction near Still road/PIE.  I stylo miloed rested my left foot on the kerb and look cooly around... yeah...... oh oh... big puddle- I was in a BIG puddle...
Dummy pilot..underwear wet but happy like kanna Toto
Just as the thought bubbles formed... 3 cars turned and gave me the biggest wash down "blessing"ever. To make it more malu... 5 FT standing opposite direction with brollies... looked and laughed! I smiled too.. hahah what an idiot... Dummy to be exact! hahah I like!
Stopped at Hougang for makan and hot soup... rolled off quickly back home.
The challenge awaits. I look at the lift and said... I can do it. Press the button, door open. Rear brake activate, wheelie abit.. roll it in. No drama. Instant KO! Yeah! Easy peasey! Thanks to expert advice by Lynten and Eugene. For those who worry about the lifts - it is NO PROBLEM. CONFIRMED!  As I reached my home...dripping wet... I patted Dummy... good to have u mate! I think we are gong to have a good time!
Reached my door step....and relief, no issue with the lift! 
Momo just wanted to sit on Dummy...and said lets go!!! it was still drizzling...
That's not all... momo was hopping with joy and excitement... I put her on the rear deck and she said "let's go pa pi" - It was still drizzling... My CEO look at me... and I just told her "momo, daddy need to fix some more thing ok... it is raining leh..." looking nervously at CEO...   Hot shower and hot milo later.. hogging the computer.. a FB msg popped out...  It was from Chris ... I got old 120mm stem with 27.2 dia... u want? Oh yes!!!! Bolted out of the door like a speeding tikit.... drove like Lewis Hamilton to his home to pick up...  Chris laughed when he saw me.... I was happy as a guy who kanna TOTO... but this prize can move. Chris even pass me a handle bar... So nice of him!  Raced back home and noticed the rain had stopped. It was around 915 pm...."hor say liao.... I can tong pang Ah mo tonite...!!"  But when I came home... my princess was already asleep... and snoring away... "Wah lau...." But I installed the passenger stem and bar.. and wrapped up some points with inner tube to avoid scratches...
passenger stem and handle, very kindly donated by Chris. Thanks!
Nice Titec stem! Old part new life!

Momo the co-pilot @ Punggol water way
Tonite, I brought Momo for the first ride! She loves it!! Singing all the way and melting everyone in her path. :) Thanks to the welcoming party, George, Steven Tang, Roland, Uncle KC, Chris and Boon for the moral support and coming for the kopi !
Thank you the TR Bike "surgeons" - Lynten, Henry who expert hands "delivered" Dummy... And Chris who's nice friendly gesture to lend me try TR Company Extracycle.
Lastly Thanks a zillion to Chris Wee who graciously gave me his extra stem and handle bar complete with foam grip. This is a beautiful....wet day which I will remember for a long long time!


  1. glad that your daughter is very happy.

  2. The excitement and pomp surrounding the arrival of your BD TW rivals that of having another baby!!! So glad for you and what comes out clearer than your delight in getting the BD is your deep love for Momo. This is absolutely an inspiration to all of us fathers.

    Wishing you many happy miles with Momo on the Big Dummy :)

  3. Lynten and Bro Al,
    Momo is very happy. Installed motorbike passenger foot pegs for her and we rode to Pungol waterway yesterday again! Thats 2 days in a row. Hmmm maybe make it more challenging to tongpang my wife too and a first bike on the side panniers. haha... Sure a good workout.

    On a side note. The headset is shaking abit.. I see the bottom cups not seated properly. Will come on Sat to get the bike tightened up. :) No rain I hope.

  4. HI TW, ok. See u then, it will RRAAIIINNNN hard.....

  5. Can feel the excitement from your entry! The stem and handlebar looks great on Dummy!

    Looking forward to seeing Dummy in action on Sunday rides!

  6. Thanks Kevin, I will bring it on sunday rides so u people can try the Dummy magic. And Lynten, I will bring rain coat and shampoo! showering in the rain!