Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Extracycle first impressions and how to store it at home

Momo enjoying a ride on TR Extracycles.... 

I recently had a chance to test ride TR bike extracyle- "lorry". It was alittle beat up but mechanically work fine. Many of the folks now I want to have my Wife and little one join me for Sunday rides. The idea is to "tong pang" / ferry my wife, little princess Momo  Given the Pungol Water way has just been opened... I really really want them to experienced the joy of riding.. the feeling of wind on ur face.
The first impression of the bike is that it handles like a MTB, except the turing radius feels abit bigger. Maybe I was just being very careful and didnt try to turn sharply. Best of all, Momo keep pestering me to do one more round and then another. She loves the ride, can wave at mummy some more.

Later in the evening, I led a nite intro ride to Punggol Waterway for LCSG. At the start point, I met Eugene who was on a Extracycle and her girl was seating comfortably behind him. What a surprise! I asked Eugene  for advice on storage... he told me he "hang" his bike to save space. That is very important for us living in apartments and make the interior minister happy. Here is how he does it. I think it is brillant!
I am sold on this... and ordered a Surly Dummy from Lynten(TR bikes) ...can't wait for it to come so I can tong pang Momo and Wife for some cooling night rides!
Eugene with his princess
Metal hook with rubber wrapped to prevent scratches
one more hook on the BB...
And u can hang the bike!! Super Idea! 
Caribiner to hang the bike...


  1. This will bond your family closer TW. A worthwhile investment that keeps paying off week after week. Congrats! Can you tumpang me too? :)

  2. Yes I hope so. And Sir Al, I will tompang u of course!

  3. Your present coming in on Monday.