Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grocery shopping with Dummy - intial ride feedback

It is true, a cargo bike is fun.. is useful and will change ur perception of cycling and how u use bicycles. Think of it as a SUV to carry any and everything. Today I had my wife and momo riding with me to the nearby market.  It was about 3 km away, short by cycling standards but walking there will take a while.  
We tested ride with 2 behind around the void deck, learning to lean together on the turns. Momo the co-pilot was reassuring mummy" relax, mummy... and dont very fun" 
Momo waiting patiently for Mummy to buy veggies and breakfast
You can see Ah mo is very comfortable with Dummy seating position
Lots of room for barang barang! 
I want to shout!!! Solid lah!!! but shhssssh... not so loud...

Spurned on by Momo sunshine attitude... mummy settled in abit and we went and rolled merrily towards Punggol Plaza. Riding with additional load on the Surly Dummy means that I have to use the middle crank ring, with the rear on the bigger sprocket. The trick is to spin and not to grind on the pedals also expect that the handling will be heavier and slower. Initial feeling is that it will depend alot on the passenger, if they are relaxed and "neutral", the handling will be good. As it a motorbike, if the passenger fidgets... u will know.   
The plus point is that for the first time, we rode as a family... on one bike!!!! This is amazing and I am not by any way a strong rider. Ah mo was chirpy and singing tunes and mummy trying very hard to keep cool and not panic(she never rode on Dummy before). A short while later, we reach Punggol plaza and Kim went to buy the grocery while me and momo stood around Dummy. The grocery was a non-issue as Dummy have super deluxe load carry capabilities. unclip, place stuff. Sit on the plank, we are off. Woohoo!  The return leg was better as mummy was more relaxed and we sang as we rolled...even detoured abit to check out the neighbourhood.  I can see more family time on bikes! Yes, thats why I like Dummy so much!  Try it some day! 


  1. I wish I had one when my son was younger! Quick, all those with young kids go get one quickly! :) Enjoyed your story so much and wish you many more delightful moments on the Big Dummy.

  2. this is so fun! whole family on 1 bike. you make people envy you!

  3. Thanks friends! I write so to remind myself of the most important things in life. To share that life can be simple and fun... with bicycles! :) I am very glad and lucky to learn from others like Lynten, chris, Bro Al, Boo and Steve and more... that's the magic!

  4. this is so cool! Super like the last pic :D