Monday, November 28, 2011

It is all about mindset

This is a lengthy article by on cycling and how mindset(on cyclist, ,motorist) is critical to making cycling popular. It also talks about rules.. how effectively rules are to make motorist, cyclists behave and follow(not very well). This is what he wrote...
“Producing behavourial campaigns focused on cyclists only serves to continue the marginalisation of cycling and just hammers home the misconception that cycling is not something for everyone and is still just a sub-culture.Pointing behavourial fingers at cyclists serves no good purpose if you don't point the fingers at the other traffic users at the same time. Behavourial campaigns aimed at everyone remove this focus on cyclists and also serve to place the bicycle on an equal footing in the public psyche.”
Translated into simple English - Cyclists are not weirdos or crazy people. We are just normal people who cycles. Cycle to eat roti prata, cycle to la kopi, cycle to just enjoy our neighbour hood.... Please kindly watch out for us. In SG talk, it equates to saying we are "body wrap metal" while cars are "metal wrap body. One "kiss" from ur steel cages, we will fly... " Pls take care while u drive. 
Another cool article is the Bull in China-shop article, which I can totally relate.. we are missing the "Bull" in the entire process... what a bull! ... Mikael is the man behind Copenhagenize... and he is good! Do read, tell me what u think and pls share! 
Matt and Maegan enjoying a ride.

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