Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weeride child carrier - Stanley Kam personal review

Stanley with Maegan
Looks comfy!
Zzzzzzz.. riding makes me sleepy
Now, this is what the frontpad is used for... water absorbing some more! 
Stanley brought her princess to the LCSG sunday ride. This is how he did it... " The baby seat is known as the WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier.. its the base model and for a tiny little bit more $$ theres the luxe version called the Kangaroo LTD.. so far i felt the base model is good enough already.. i got mine from but can oso purchase directly from the website thru the local Malaysia/Singapore dealer..they will ship it to Singapore from Malaysia.. i like the seat mainly cos its front mounted, u can easily hear, talk, interact with ur kid and not have the kid staring at your back throughout the ride.. kid will enjoy the view much more seated case kid fall asleep, u can stabilise them between your arms and watch over them when cycling.. (here i use a very wide handlebar to improve the turning) .. oso no need to worry and keep looking behind to check on the kid and break concentration.. oso uses a 5-point safety harness (like in racecars.. hahaha!).. front mount seats oso helps in maintaining a good weight distribution.. centralised and doesnt change the handling of the bicycle.. even rider mount and dismount is easy.. the WeeRide Kangaroo is rated for kids weighing up to 40lbs (18kgs)..mostly due to the massive support system .. the resting platform works both as a support for the kid to grab on to and rest their weight on it when cycling and oso as a comfortable headrest when they doze off during a ride.. so far it has not obstructed my view ahead.. i can still see to the bottom of my front wheel and due to the compact design.. it does not obstruct the legs movement as well.. the seat is easily removable as well.. overall.. i am very satisfied and happy with it.. it can be mounted on a variety of bicycles but it just doesnt state if it can be mounted on a foldie.. but i see that with the right foldie, it should not be a problem at all.."

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  1. hi, i am keen to know how much you got the child seat for from amazon? looking to get one. email me at if possible?

    many thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for the review. Just ordered one via Amazon. The Malaysian website is down for now.

  3. Is it the carrier suitable for folding bike?

  4. Thx Thx Stanley for such Good review and sharing!!!
    It's apps USD70 in this website
    I'm surprised to see LAZADA selling at RM700+, phew

    1. Hi Wing Fei, I also dont know what the big variation in pricing. Good that u took the time to check afew site. Have fun with ur little one!