Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Soon they will be big and u will miss them...."

Daddy as pillow  -19th April 2009 @ Pasir Ris park
Ting Ting with Momo @ Beach practising dance moves..haha 19th June 2010...see the change! 
"Soon they will be big and u will miss them", this are words of wisdom from many of my senior friends. And I am truly grateful and know how precious spending time with my little one and wife of course!
Today, after celebrating Kim birthday with the favorite Prawn noodle, later evening had super old style steam boat at Golden mile... and scolding Momo for making a mess of the table...
I found another gem of an article which is about the same topic. This gentleman recounts on his time with his boy and girl... and how they dont want to ride with him anymore. The boy is 10... so if I should have another 5 more years before Momo will also dun want to ride with his old man too.
This is ah mo learning to ride...
Momo strawberry bike - August 2011
Momo loves to draw and she know Daddy like bicycle... that her master piece! - 22nd August 2011 
Momo with first bike and LCSG pose - 25th August, her 4th Birthday
This makes me think on memories. How do I give my girl a wonderful childhood...  going to the beach(tick), riding together(tick), learning to ride(tick), riding with mummy and her(going to do), enjoying a sunset( hmmm! idea) and watching a sun rise(oh... this gonna be hard for mummy and momo)...  We will try... 
Treasure the time, they grow up real quick.  Best of all, get on a bike together and just roll along ur neighbourhood. Just you and your little one. This will be your best memories ever!


  1. If it's in her passion to ride, I'm sure she will keep riding with you. :)

    Carpe Diem!

  2. Ya, my boy is now 16yo. Miss those cutesy times so pls enjoy your young kids while they are still small. Thats why I love going to the Orphanages in Cambodia :)

  3. Yes Bro Al, I will, thats why I got the Surly Dummy:) You are doing a great work and helping others less privileged. I look upon u as my role model. :)

  4. so bitterweet, but enjoy all the moments yah :)

  5. Just the reason why i bought a 2nd hand dahon. So that i can bring my almost 3yr old boy for a ride at the nearby PCN park. Used to love cycling when i was young and i missed it as i grew older. Alas now is the time to relive that passion, whatsmore enjoying every sec of it with my child :)

  6. yes Impezzive, this are what is truly important! Join us, lovecyclingsg on a ride some time!

  7. Been itching to join you guys after looking at all those rides organised all over the places in LCSG.It seems to fun.Nonetheless been cycling on my own with my kid on every other sunday at riverside park PCN. If you see a blue dahon with a child behind with a blue prowell helmet do say hi to me :D

  8. I am into another cycle of life. Grandson. The time spend will be forever memories. Now creating another. The wheels never stops. To healhtier lifespan and happy sad sour moments to come. Dejavu. All the best bro.👍💪🤝