Friday, November 4, 2011

It is called Heart

Beautiful wishing box by Esther lim 
Xmas is about giving to those in need. I, personlly feel that I am very blessed to have a beautiful wife, child and a whole bunch of warm, fun loving lovecyclingsg friends. Rather then just a big party and get drunk. I thought why not we make a difference and make a child smile this year.
Come 17th Dec, we( lovecyclingsg) will be at Pertapis to spend an afternoon with the children. Play some games, makan and give a present to each of the child. To make it more meaningful, the children themselves will be writing their wishes(limit to $20 as we are no Warren Buffet) and we will do our best to find the present. The presents are very kindly sponsored by the kind angels of LCSG. And today when I saw how lovely Esther made the Wishing box... I just had this in my mind.... Heart. LCSG folks have heart! 

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