Friday, November 18, 2011

Uncle Ruiz with his Utility Cargo bike

Emeritus LCSG Uncle Ruiz
Diane met one cool dude in Singapore who uses bicycles to get around. Really. His name is  Uncle Ruiz. He cycles to work everyday on this modified 5speed tricycle. He removed the rear basket, afixing a large metal box with a combination lock at the back instead. It contains all his tools (presumably for work) inside. "You must try. Come, try." he said. And so I did; dabsmack in the middle of busy Lower Delta.  Diane added " I also asked him if he was worried anyone would steal his trike. He said that trikes don't get stolen because it looks like it's for old people or for garbage collectors. (again, his words, not mine)"
Please wave and say hello to him when u meet him on the road! 
Uncle looking cool and smart with his red cargo bike


  1. very smart! this should go into Singapore cycle chic!

  2. yes Francis! He is one cool dude. Assured of himself and with a mega watt smile. I like the way he uses clothes peg to hold the cloth (perhaps to dry and wash his bike)!

  3. who photoshopped in the LCSG logo? ahahahah!